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The Friendship War by Andrew Clements

4 stars

Summary from Goodreads

When Grace takes boxes of old buttons from a building her grandfather bought, she starts a fad at school that draws her closer to one friend, but further from another.

Andrew Clements is one of those authors who I have never read from and I’m so disappointed that I never read his books when I was younger! The Friendship War was so fun. I read it in one sitting it was so easy to read. It follows Grace who goes to visit her grandfather who has recently bought a huge old property. She ends up finding boxes of buttons and she takes them home with her. At school she starts a button fad but then the fad starts to cause her to drift away from her friends.

Childhood fads and obsessions are endless, fidget spinners, slime, my little pet shop, barbie, sticker collecting, gel pens, emojis… I wonder what the fads will be in the years to come?

In The Friendship War the fad starts to become a competition and in gets out of hand and Grace feels that she’s losing her friend. Friendship is such a common problem among kids in school. I’ve definitely had some friendship drama in the past where I or any their kid just wanted to be the best. Which is what happens in this book. The kids all want to coolest buttons and they want to be cool.


I really enjoyed this book and I am glad to have finally read some of Andrew Clements’s work. I would definitely recommend this book to any middle grade reader looking for a short and easy read!

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What kinds of fads did you have when you were in school? Have you read this book? What did you think?


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