Book, Ebook or Audiobook?

There’s a big debate about whether books, ebooks or audio books are better. I’m going to break down my thoughts on the matter for you.

I got this inspiration from a dash of ash on youtube. She posted a video a few weeks ago about book formats.

  1. Books

Books are the first form of reading. As Ash brought up in her video when you think of the word ‘book’ you don’t think of an ebook or an audio book but you think of a physical paper and cover book. Now we can get into the whole paperback vs. hardcover debate but that’s a totally different post. lot of people like the feel of a good book. I like the feel of a nice paperback and a smooth hardcover book in my hands. Looking at the cover is nice as well but that brings you to another problem. Sometimes we like to be secretive of what we’re reading. With a book you can see the over from all sides unless your reading it with the back down on a table. For some people this is nice because it’s easy for you to strike up a conversation with someone about the book. It’s also nice so that when your reading and someone asks what you are reading you can just show them the cover. You don’t even have to talk! Some people may think that when someone is reading they aren’t actually busy. When I read it’s usually because I’m busy and don’t want to be disturbed. Another nice thing about a physical book is that you can easily see how much of the book you’ve read and how much you still have to read.

2. Ebooks

Now that I have a kindle and I’ve used it I feel like I can talk about ebooks. I didn’t always love the idea of ebooks. A lot of people don’t really like them because they say that an ebook isn’t a ‘book’ when it does the exact same thing.


  1. Small and lightweight. You could carry ten physical books with you and it would weigh a lot more that if you were to just carry your kindle which can hold more than ten books. Great for traveling!
  2. Accessible. You can get an ebook from basically anywhere (as long as you have Wi-Fi).
  3. Discreet, no one can see the cover of the book you’re reading! This could be a .com for some people depending on how you look at it.
  4. You can easily change the font, don’t size, margins and formatting of an ebook. This can come in handy if you can’t see small don’t or if you prefer a certain font size.
  5. You can use Libby to read ebooks directly from your kindle or from the app and you don’t have to pay any late fees!
  6. There are a wide selection of free books from the kindle lending library and a wide selection of books that are free for prime members as well. There is also kindle unlimited which you can purchase.
  7. You can read in the dark. The kindle I have doesn’t have a back light so I can’t read in the dark but if I could, that would be great! I definitely think having a backlight is great! I got my kindle as a gift so I couldn’t choose the model but if I need to get another one I’ll definitely look for one with a backlight.


  1. Not waterproof (at least most models aren’t).
  2. Run out of battery. Most kindles have a pretty good battery life but you do have to charge them.
  3. Not exactly indestructible. Breakable reading devices and should be handled with care.
  4. Kindles can be expensive! Depending on the brand or the model you get they can be pricey.

2. Audio books

Audiobooks, in my opinion count as reading. So I’m not going to talk about the whole ‘audiobooks aren’t really reading’ thing.


  1. Basically the fastest way to read a book. You can customize the speed of the book.
  2. Very discreet way to read. No one can tell you are listening to an Audio book of you have your ear buds in.
  3. Ash from a Dash of Ash brought up the point that an audio book is the closest from a book that you can get to a movie. Some audio books even have full casts and sound effects.
  4. So easy to multitask and listen to a book at the same time.


  1. Some people feel that they cannot focus on an audiobook. That’s really a personal thing. I don’t have that problem but a lot of people do.Overall

Format Awards!

Most secretive: audio books

Easiest for travel: Ebooks

Most user friendly: books


For me I think it depends on the book as to what format I want to use. I honestly think that ebooks wins this debate.

Let’s talk about it!

What format do you like? Ebook? book? Audio book? Do you have anything to add?

2 thoughts on “Book, Ebook or Audiobook?”

  1. I love owning physical books, but I find ebook more convenient since I’m a night reader and read in my bed. 😜 audiobooks for me are tricky. It has to be light and fluffy for me to stay focused. I am definitely one of those people who zone out quickly.


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