Reading update

Hi guys!

I hope you are all staying safe and SOCIAL DISTANCING!! Please stay home and don’t go out unless you have to. I am well and healthy.

During this time my library has closed. I am currently rereading Twilight and I am hoping to do a reread of the whole Twilight saga as the books bring back so much nostalgia for me.

I currently have 6 weeks off school and I am due to go back the 27th of April. (I’ll keep you guys updated if there are any additional closures).

In case you were curious I love in Washington state. We are hit pretty hard by the virus and have been told to stay in our homes.

Stay safe and keep reading!


How are things where you live? What have you been doing to pass the time? Let me know in the comments!!

Here is a picture of Wookie (he is almost a year old)

5 thoughts on “Reading update”

  1. Hi Kiera. Here in North Carolina, it is as most other states – stay home unless necessary.
    I have a small bookcase where I put any books that I find at sales, etc., that I plan on reading sometime. Well, now is that “sometime.” Besides reading, I’m organizing my closet and have plans to paint our bathroom this weekend.
    Stay home and stay healthy!

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  2. Aww, Wookie is adorable, as always! Our school is closed till April 13th, which is crazy! I still can’t believe that this is happening! Stay safe too!! 💕☺️


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